Saturday, September 7, 2013

The iPAD: My Magic Carpet

While purchasing a magic carpet was never high on my must-haves list, little did I know that when I brought my first iPAD home I was in for the ride of my life.  While never having to leave the sweet refuge of my very own bed or easy chair, I have traveled to places far and wide, my iPAD as my trusty "magic carpet."

I can zoom from one activity to another without ever breaking a sweat.  Books?  A virtual library at my fingertips.  Email?  Read and responded.  Interior design site?  Explored.  Recipe for dinner?  Found.  My latest Wabi-Sabi Life post?  Written.  Scrabble?  Word played.  Next!  Dinner reservations?  Made.  Note to self?  Jotted.  Music to soothe the soul?  Playing.  Photo?  Click. TV or Movie time? Vast selection.  Breaking News?  Hello New York Times minus news print on my hands. You Tube Videos:  Inspire me while I'm brushing my teeth.  Ted Talks?  Inspire me while I'm dressing.    Oh I could rhapsodize endlessly about this marvelous hand-held device that exponentially expands my universe and puts the world at my fingertips, but perhaps you too know the sheer joy of iPAD adventuring.

Although my laptop is able to perform many of the same functions, the truth is that holding this lightweight device easily in my hands, its portability a never ending source of delight, I am able to go anywhere with my beloved iPAD.  Because I have embedded Wi-Fi capability,  I do not have to depend on locating a hot-spot to connect to the internet.  I can slide a switch and obtain instant connectivity wherever I happen to be and have full access to all its charms.  Be still my heart!

Here's some help so you can increase the versatility of your iPAD and master much of its potential.  Happy travels!

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  1. Good morning, Joanna! Hope you get notification of comments on what appears to be a discontinued ( or certainly a very long pause ) blog. Your extraordinary homage to Ellie on HSD is simply grand - so eloquently expresses what a remarkable woman she is - her unique voice/perspective - and the reader comments are incredibly thought provoking as well. Would welcome any opportunity to meet over coffee to discuss (w decorum) Ellie and more. Noticed you signed off in MD - I am in DC. Interested?